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We Kill the Dead Issue 1 Digital Download


We Kill The Dead is a world record setting horror comic written by TheBlood-Shed owner John Lepper, with art by Bryan Revell.

Set in a world where undead slashers, or thano-sapiens, are real and a growing concern, a government agency known as the Supernatural Special Tactics Bureau is tasked with putting these killers back in their graves.

This is the 1st issue of a 4 issue mini series following SSTB leader Nathan, deranged Agent Cooper, and newbie Jo as they are caught up in the fight for their lives against a century old legendary killer with a score to settle. Jack the Ripper is back and he's pissed and to even the odds in his favor against the SSTB he is controlling an entire army of other supernatural killers. Can the team find out the secret to finally stopping the most legendary killer in history once and for all before it's too late?

In this first issue, we see Jo survive a massacre at her college campus and join up with the SSTB, just as Jack appears and starts building an army.

Featuring cameos for 25 slasher villains from real horror films, used with their creators' consent, this comic features more separately owned characters crossing over than any other comic book ever! Featuring favorites like Leslie Vernon, Jack-O, BBK, Porkchop, Gurdy, Stitches, and tons more, this comic finally creates the joined slasher universe fans of the genre have been craving to see ever since Freddy vs Jason!

This is a digital download option. The file is in PDF. File will be sent within 24 hours of purchase.